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Film Editing and Color Grading Studio


the kolor kiosk is a film editing and color grading studio based in switzerland. we work with all types of video material from advertising to long feature movies.

collaboratively we will develop a look for your images and transpose your ideas onto the screen. with our passion for aesthetics and extremely competitive prices, we will make sure you get the most out of your rushes and your budget.

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jojoba for namibia

4min  corporate documentary ● 2021

color grading

director // livia gerber

production // filmgerberei zürich

the teachings of

fumio inagaki

12min  documentary ● 2021

color grading

director // lidija burcak

playoffs 2021

1min  ad ● 2021

color grading

production // filmgerberei zürich

bad things

3min music clip ● 2021

color grading

production // filmgerberei zürich

director // marina klauser

ala kachuu

38min  drama  2020

production coordination

production // filmgerberei zürich

director // maria brendle

► oscar nomintated “live action short” 2022

► awards https://alakachuu.com/awards-festivals/


a young kyrgyz woman is kidnapped and forced into marriage. a drama between the desire for self-realization and the constraints of tradition.



10min  short doc  world premiere in 2021

script  production  directing  color grading


the bloody truth about bride kidnapping told by middle-aged victims working at kyrgyzstan’s largest meat bazar.


erkinai die halbnomadin 

28min  documentary  kika (ard/zdf)  2017

script  directing  color grading

production // rundfunk berlin brandenburg


a children’s documentary about a nomadic family living in the mountains of kyrgyzstan, depicting the everyday problems they face and their strategies for survival.

the block 

10min  short doc  2015  

script  production  directing  color grading

► awards http://augohr.de/catalogue/der-block


an art-doc short movie about an old soviet house foundation in the middle of the kyrgyz steppes and how the local nomads make use of it.




my name is nadine boller. i am a documentary filmmaker, colorist and specialist in kyrgyzstani culture. most of my film projects have been shot in kyrgyzstan, mainly focusing on women’s rights, cultural as well as societal topics.

my love for visual arts have lead me from photography to cinematography and further to color grading. i am fascinated by the beautifully manipulative power of colors, how changing a style of an image can evoke completely different moods and hence influence the spectator’s perception on a very subtle level. as a colorist you have the privilege of unfolding that power.



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info [at] kolorkiosk.com

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